I help people to use creativity in their journaling practice so they can feel less alone along the way to improving their mental health.


Meet Errin

Errin fell into her love of art when she embarked on her journey to recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. She has often been described by friends and peers as driven, passionate, helpful, creative and thoughtful. She has learned, through treatment, how to use those attributes to begin to heal, with the help of her recovery team.

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The Reflections Journal

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Who is the journal for?

• those recovering from eating disorders

• those recovering from addiction

• those recovering from PTSD

• anyone to develop a daily journaling habit

The 14 Day Creative Journaling Consistency Challenge


Join me for my first
Online Journaling Challenge!

The 14 Day Creative Journaling Consistency Challenge is a free resource for anyone and everyone who is looking to make journaling a part of their every day self-care routine as they heal from mental illness.

It's a resource for anyone and everyone who struggles to recognize the value that self-reflection offers to those in treatment from mental illness.

It's a resource for those who struggle to express themselves when they do sit down to journal.

By it's very nature, journaling is a solitary activity. It's my intention to see if we can find others like us, and build a community so that we can feel less alone as we fight to improve our mental health.


december 2018

I don’t know about you, but for 2019, I want to welcome more self-compassion into my life.

Good riddance self-judgment and shame.

My lovely Friend, Errin, created a tool that will help you welcome more self-compassion into your everyday life in the cutest way possible. Seriously - check it out. SO stinking adorable.

– Rachel St. Germain

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Errin's thoughts on the practice of journaling in recovery have been shared

on several Eating Disorder Recovery websites.

National Eating Disorder Association

In this article, Errin explains how learning what journaling can do to help her in her recovery helped her to open her mind to the idea that creativity, in whatever form feels right, should be the focus of a healthy journaling practice.


REcovery Warriors

A few thoughts about how Errin used her journaling and creativity to challenge the limiting beliefs that enabled her eating disorder to remain in control of her decisions.

Project Heal

Errin talks about how opening herself up to creativity allowed her to develop a journaling practice that has offered her a comfortable way to reflect on the ideas and thoughts that she faces as she works toward recovery.