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Your Field Guide to Creative Journaling

Journaling consistently is sometimes a challenge.

Errin offers a FREE Journaling Support Program that provides you a downloadable workbook and email support for a full month to help you with developing your practice.



It can be easy to get swept up in comparing your own successes to what you perceive to be the successes of others, especially in today’s age of social media. Writing down your own achievements every day enables you to be aware of your own progress without the pressures of measuring yourself against anyone else.


Creativity is often squashed early on in our development. It’s rarely celebrated in our society, primarily because it can’t be measured or judged leaving us unable to place a value on it. However, in times when emotions are heightened, many of us will experience difficulties with expressing ourselves using words. Being able to freely create with drawing, painting, or using colours, can make it possible to translate some of those emotions from our minds onto paper.


Being mindful every day of the things and people that enrich your day to day life is a powerful tool. Recording your gratitudes regularly will give you a shift in perspective from noting the negative experiences to paying more attention to the positive ones.


Whether you are recovering from mental illness or addiction, or you are actively engaged in focusing on changing the things that you have the power to change, noting your intentions each day is a wonderful way to live life in the moment. By focusing on the things that you do each day to make change in your life, you foster a sense of purpose and appreciation for your abilities.