YES! Celiac Disease Can Affect Your Eating Disorder Recovery

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, one out of every 100 people worldwide are effected by Celiac Disease. And there are just under 1% of the population of the world suffering from an eating disorder. So what are the chances of having both of these illnesses in one household?

We'd say they're pretty good, because that's us!

Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder while in a relationship with someone who has Celiac Disease is a challenge to navigate.

Neither myself or my husband asked for our illnesses, but we have them, so we're learning to deal with them as a couple.

In this video, we talk about what it is like to have Celiac Disease and what it's like to have Binge Eating Disorder. We'll also give you the bonus footage - what it's like to smash those two worlds together!

[ SPOILER ALERT!! ] It's not all that fun, but being married to my best friend makes it worth it most days.