How To Draw Books - A Simple Art Workshop

📖 There are all sorts of great uses for books! 📖

In this video, I'll show you four ways that I draw books in my creative journal and chat about some of the things I use them for in my journaling practice.

There really are a BUTT LOAD of ways you can use a book doodle from tracking your book reading progress to decorating the shelves in a sketch of your favourite quite spot.

We doodle all kinds of things in my CREATIVE JOURNALING FOR RECOVERY group. In fact, we get together live every morning for spend time reflecting in our journals. We use our group as a safe place to support and encourage one another along our paths to recovery.

Why don't you join us!

Extended Letters - A Beginner's Font Workshop

I love, love, love FONTS! 😍😍😍😍

Learning hand lettering has helped me to mix that love with my passion for drawing.

In this video, I'll show you a playful font I've used quite a lot since I was a beginner. So, grab some paper, a straight edge, and a pen or pencil and let's get started!

And if you find yourself wanting more, you can always join my free CREATIVE JOURNALING FOR RECOVERY group! We spend time together journaling and supporting one another every day in here https://www.facebook.com/groups/14daycreativejournalingchallenge/

How To Draw Butterflies - A Simple Art Workshop

In this quick workshop, I'm showing you how I draw simple butterflies that look all fancy schmancy.

Drawing these butterflies is one of the ways that I learned to be less rigid with my strokes. 😍

This the another workshop in a series I'm hosting for members of my CREATIVE JOURNALING FOR RECOVERY group. In the series, I'll be showing you how I first learned different techniques that I now use all the time in my creative journaling practice.

Creativity and journaling has kept me grounded in recovery from an eating disorder for over a year now. And it can help YOU too!

How To Draw Shadows - A Simple Doodling Workshop

Yet another simple way to have some fun with your creative journaling practice as you work towards recovery from an eating disorder.

This simple shadow technique is something that I've been doodling around with since elementary school.

Some things really do stand the test of time - HA!

Grab some paper and your favourite doodling tool and dive it!

Show me how you use shadows in your creative journals. Post a pic in the comments below!

And if you want to take your journaling practice one step further, why not join my CREATIVE JOURNALING FOR RECOVERY group? We journal together and support each other every day in here.

It's beautiful.