What Is Kurbo?

TW: there is all kinds of talk about eating disorders and related behaviours in this video. Please do not watch if you find this topic triggering.

Click the image to watch the video

Click the image to watch the video

Everyone is asking what is Kurbo? If you have children in your life, you really will benefit from learning all about it.

Kurbo is a new app by Weight Watchers that is being marketing to children aged 8-17. It is getting a LOT of pushback from everyone who understands the damage it can do to the mental health of the children that use it.

Should we be teaching our kids to believe that they can control their weight with dieting? Should we even be suggesting that it's something they should be THINKING about? The people at Weight Watchers (aka: WW) certainly think so.

As someone who struggles with binge eating disorder, I have to say that it's a HARD NO, or should I say #kurbNO, for me.

In this video, I talk a bit about how diet culture is teaching us all that it's not okay to live in the body that you were born with, but should be trying to change it so that you fit their idea of what is acceptable. I talk about how dieting turns into weight cycling, and how that can turn into an eating disorder.

I also talk about what Kurbo is and how it can easily cause kids to develop disordered eating habits, or even suffer from physical and mental illness due to the restrictive eating that the app encourages. And I think it's important to point out that while parents (care givers) are responsible for these kids who are using the app, they aren't necessarily to blame, here.

It has taken me quite a few attempts at filming this opinion piece because it seems as each day passes, there comes another article, statement, video, or podcast worth consuming on the topic. In the end, all we really should be focussing on when it comes to our kids is their WHOLE health, and that includes their mental health. A "Health At Every Size" (HAES) approach to wellness is the way to raise healthy kids, and that can never include discussions about someone's weight.

For more reading on this topic, and to access the studies that I mention in the video, use the links below:

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• I Help People Recover From Disordered Eating. Don't Give Your Child This App. (Chisty Harrison, Rdn):

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