How Well Does Your Parter Know You?

When you have and eating disorder it is not uncommon to lose touch with who you really are. The lies that the eating disorder tells you about yourself and how the world sees you can have a pretty dramatic effect on what you perceive to be your personal preferences. It can become difficult to discern between your true likes and dislikes and those of the version of yourself that is so interconnected with your eating disorder.

I've been reflecting on this since starting treatment almost a year ago, and have slowly begun to accept that I don't really know that much about myself. Upon further thought, it has occurred to me recently that my partner, the man who I always thought knows me better than any other human on the planet, doesn't likely know me as well as either of us may have thought.

For fun, we put together this video of us doing a "How Well Does Your Partner Know You" Quiz that I found on It was super fun! Grab your ride-or-die and do the quiz with us while we tell you a bit about what preferences have changed for me since I've been in recovery and some reflections on what purpose some of my old preferences served for my eating disorder.

Also, keep an eye out for news about my upcoming book release. The Recovery Reflections Journal will be available in stores and online in a few short weeks!