Facebook is Listening!

When I started treatment for Binge Eating Disorder, I had to leave social media. There were too many diet culture messages everywhere I looked, and I wasn’t able to cope with them while trying to start re-wiring the damaged neuropathways in my brain from my disorder. When I re-entered the social media world, I was prepared, but STILL had to be vigilant about blocking and unfollowing people and companies who buy into, or worse - promote - diet culture’s messaging that if I don’t look a certain way, I need to “fix” myself.

I learned such excited news the other day - Facebook ACTUALLY listens to the people on its' platform!!


It's true. In this video, I talk about the changes that Facebook has made recently to its algorithm as a result of people on the platform telling them that they just don't want to see all the diet-y crap any longer.

And just like that *snaps fingers* I feel like we might actually be getting somewhere with our enormous efforts to spare people from developing eating disorders.

Have a watch to see how YOU will be affected by the changes Facebook has made!

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