It's National Wellness Month - why am I so furious??

Click my face to get the whole story!

Click my face to get the whole story!

What does wellness mean?

My idea of wellness has changed too many times to count in my lifetime. I'm no longer a spring chicken, so there have been loads of opportunities for me to adopt new ideas of wellness.

I remember when skinny = wellness 🌱

I remember when lean + muscular = wellness 🌱

And then there's now and healthy body + healthy mind = wellness 🌱

My journey from then to now has been long, winding and painful. It has culminated in my failing mental health and the discovery that I have an eating disorder.

But I can be grateful for having so many experiences to learn from so that NOW I can work towards wellness in a whole new way and understand where happiness fits into the equation.

I'll tell you some things that I know for certain in this video, like that fact that there is no real way to measure wellness. I'll also share with you some very aggrivated thoughts about the reboot of a once popular weight loss tv show.

... that part will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to practice our deep cleansing breaths.


When you're through watching this video, why not have a look at my book The Reflections Journal? It's full of activities to help you stay consistent in your journaling practice as you work through recovery. It helped me more than I could have imagined, and it might just be the thing you need too!