Learning to Hand Letter the Alphabet

Are you a beginner at this Hand Lettering thing?

Do you learn by watching and then DOING? Me too.

I’ve made a tutorial video series that shows how I hand letter the alphabet (lower case letters) and will be sharing with you on my YouTube Channel.

Each video shows four or five letters and they’ll be posted three times a week over a two week period, giving you time to practice what you're learning before moving on to the next set of letters.

It would be marvellous if you find that you enjoy hand lettering like I do so that you can start to use this technique in your journaling practice. I find that when I start my journaling session by hand lettering either a thought, a quote, or a word that represents my feelings on that particular day, it helps me to slow down my thoughts. It makes the actual journaling.

Well, sometimes. It’s not a bullet-proof approach, but getting in touch with your feelings and reflecting on your experiences isn’t easy. There’s no one specific thing that you can ever do to heal yourself in an instant. It all takes time, practice, and most of all it takes self-compassion.

Click the image above to start the first tutorial, and as you practice this new skill, please remember to give yourself the same compassion you would give to your best friend.


  • Hand Lettering Practice Sheet (click the link below to download your copy FREE)

  • STAEDTLER double ended fiber-tip marker

📙 FREE Hand Lettering Practice Sheet Download - https://www.errinwitherspoon.com/downloadables

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