Why do you think the things you do?

Click the image above to hear my thoughts on Limiting Beliefs.

Click the image above to hear my thoughts on Limiting Beliefs.

Have you ever wondered why you believe the things you believe?

If you're curious like me, you might have thought about it from time to time. Historically speaking, I think that I spent more time thinking about what other people could possibly be thinking and what experiences they might have had to cause them to behave the way they do.

It wasn't until fairly recently that I learned about and started exploring my limiting beliefs. In this video, I talk about how that happened and tell you a bit about what I've learned so far. Through the process of practicing creating journaling, I've come a long way. And if this old dog can learn new tricks, so can you!

I mention my Free Creative Journaling Field Guide in the video. Here's the link to download that so that you can get started with learning how to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. That's the first step in uncovering your limiting beliefs and stepping through them to become the person you truly are meant to be.

I also mention the School of Recovery Program, which is offered by True Warriors. You can find more on that here.

Until next time, may you be well, and remember to show yourself the compassion that you give to a good friend.

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